Elearning inspiration: On-the-job learning

This five-minute, mobile friendly resource is a great example of on-the-job performance support – just enough and just in time. Discover what we think makes it a success.

Supporting the modern learner on the job

If you were struggling to recall the details of a particular product you were thinking about buying, what would you do? Chances are, you’d whip out your phone and look it up. It’s second nature to just “Google it.”

But what if you’re a salesperson who needs more specific information about the products you’re selling? You still need to be able to look it up quickly in-between customers, but Google won’t suffice.

This is where digital performance support resources can save the day.

Our “On-the-job sales support” demo shows how a short and snappy online resource can provide just the right amount of specialist information in a simple, easy-to-access way. It could be used as a quick refresher or as part of a suite of microlearning on different products. And, it only took a couple of hours to create from the initial idea through styling, content writing, authoring and release.

On-the-job learning in action

on the job knowledge check

on the job support sales

mobile on the job support

on the job sales support

Why we like it

  • Provides the necessary content – no more, no less – in less than 5 minutes.
  • Enables learners to “dip in and out” to access what they need quickly.
  • Utilizes headings, imagery and bold keywords to show content at a glance.
  • Optimizes brilliantly for tablet and mobile; perfect for an in-store environment.


Want to create something similar to support your staff on the job?