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What’s happening at Learning Solutions 2014 right now?

We know that not all of you in the Elucidat community are able to make it to Learning Solutions 2014 in Orlando this year. So we thought we’d bring it to you! We’ve curated some of the best moments posted on social media for you – so grab a coffee and join in the excitement! […]

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Image Library

This week we’ve added an important new feature to the Elucidat e-learning tool which allows users to strengthen the visual impact of their work at a couple of clicks… the Image Library. With the Image Library thousands of images are instantly available from the cloud allowing to create online learning resources at speed. To use […]

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The 3 rules of rapid elearning prototyping

During the development stage of e-learning, there’s a tendency to create excessive documentation (with good intentions!) but often it’s ignored. There is an alternative – which helps reduce risks, engage your stakeholders and ensure that your projects are more likely to be successful…. In this video, we’ll explain how prototyping can speed up your e-learning […]

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How to produce rapid elearning really slowly

Did you every wonder why so many companies seem to have trouble producing rapid e-learning really quickly? Almost as if they want to produce rapid e-learning slowly? Us too. So many companies seem to have trouble producing rapid #elearning really quickly? Here’s why! — Elucidat (@elucidat) May 15, 2014 So… we created a video […]

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Does Your Business Need an Elearning Tool?

Learning and development is a crucial function within any business. Why is that, you ask? In an ideal world, learning and development at work: Helps to nurture and prepare talent for career progression and in the future. Keeps established senior employees working at the highest level possible. Demonstrates to employees that their employer cares about […]

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Creating vibrant voice overs: quick tips from a professional

Recording great audio takes skill, preparation and experience to master. …however, we haven’t got time for that! So we’ve caught up with top voice talent Julia Burns to discuss her techniques, and fast-track you to recording clear, informative and absorbing narration of your own. Voice talent Julia Burns shares her techniques to recording clear & […]

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Hope to see you at Learning Technologies 2014

Learning Technologies 2014, in London UK is one the largest Learning events in the world. Taking place next week, we are proud to be exhibiting on Stand 176. The event marks the official launch of Elucidat and we will be celebrating the hard work that our team has put in to get our truly amazing […]

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5 BYOD & Responsive Elearning tips

So – what is Responsive Design and why is it important for e-learning? There is a massive change occurring in e-learning now – BYOD or Bring Your Own Device. This means that learners use their own devices to take courses. For schools and universities – they’ll be using their phones anyway, so the hope is […]

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