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Does Your Business Need an Elearning Tool?

Learning and development is a crucial function within any business. Why is that, you ask? In an ideal world, learning and development at work: Helps to nurture and prepare talent for career progression and in the future. Keeps established senior employees working at the highest level possible. Demonstrates to employees that their employer cares about […]

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Elearning engagement: 5 little factors that can make a huge difference

In this post we talk about the ‘holy grail’ of e-learning: Engagement. Here are 5 actionable things that can help you make a big difference to your learners. Just hit play below to find out more! Read the transcription here: Hi, this is Patrick Dunn for the Elucidat blog. So, engaging our learners… it’s the […]

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Creating vibrant voice overs: quick tips from a professional

Recording great audio takes skill, preparation and experience to master. …however, we haven’t got time for that! So we’ve caught up with top voice talent Julia Burns to discuss her techniques, and fast-track you to recording clear, informative and absorbing narration of your own. Voice talent Julia Burns shares her techniques to recording clear & […]

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5 BYOD & Responsive Elearning tips

So – what is Responsive Design and why is it important for e-learning? There is a massive change occurring in e-learning now – BYOD or Bring Your Own Device. This means that learners use their own devices to take courses. For schools and universities – they’ll be using their phones anyway, so the hope is […]

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