September Product Update: Layout Designer; Styles; 4 New Themes; Font Chooser

The Elucidat team has been hard at work creating brand-new features to accelerate your authoring. This month, we’re really excited to introduce Layout Designer, Styles, Four New Themes, and Font Chooser.


Let’s look at the new features.

Layout Designer


Our fantastically flexible new Layout Designer feature is now available to all.

Elucidat’s Layout Designer allows you to create your own Page Types and interactions using a simple WYSIWYG interface.



Our Styles control gives you the ability to create a theme with your logos, colors, and fonts in seconds. This means that updating courses to match your organization’s changing visual standards will be a breeze.

You can use Layout Designer and Styles with four new themes that we are also releasing.

New Themes

We now have several new themes: Bolt, Flux, Paper, and Tempest.


These may feel familiar because they are based on our favorite Legacy Themes (Material, Wind, Dash, etc.). As an added bonus, you can use them with Styles and Layout Designer.

These new themes will appear in the Elucidat Themes section of the Start page. The current themes (Material, Wind, Dash, etc.) will appear below in the Elucidat Legacy Themes section.

This release marks a substantial refresh of these four new themes, as we have made significant improvements to them.

Font Chooser


We are also debuting the new Font Chooser.

The Font Chooser allows you to choose Google fonts. In addition, because of popular demand, we have now added a font upload option!

You will now be able to comply with brand guidelines better than ever and really make your stamp on your courses.

Click here for more information on about Font Chooser.


If you would like a more in-depth look at our fabulous new features, contact our team for a chat. We’re excited about these new features, and we hope you are, too.

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