Question Pools

This week we’ve added a new option to Elucidat that allows you to create ‘Question Pools’.

With ‘Question Pools’ you can add an almost infinite amount of Questionnaire pages which will be displayed at random.

Using ‘Question Pools’ counters copying and keeps your learners on their toes!

To start using ‘Question Pools’:

Build a question page.

Now open the ‘Page Settings’ menu and press the ‘Rules’ tab.

In the editable area titled ‘Create a new Question Pool’ add the name of the question pool you are creating.

Now select the from the ‘Percentage of pages’ dropdown, how many pages from the pool should be viewed.

For instance if you have a pool of 10 questions and you select 10%, only 1 random question will be displayed.

When you are happy, press ‘Add Question Pool’.

Now from the ‘Make this page a part of a Question Pool’ dropdown select the ‘Question Pool’ you have just created (note you can create an infinite amount of Question Pools’).

Now we need to add more ‘Questionnaire pages’ to our ‘Question Pool’.

You can do this quickly by pressing the ‘Duplicate page’ button in the main edit window (this will copy all of your ‘Question Pool’ settings).

Do this as many times as you like!

Afterwards, revisit each page and add your Question text.

Question Pools

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