Responsive elearning tips to help you author more effective elearning

Responsive learning is the future. Here are some strategies to help you prepare for it.

This week we deep dive into the hot topic of responsive learning. With the rise of the mobile workplace, learners want to access your courses on their mobile phones and tablets.

Prepare yourself for this learning revolution by reading six of my favorite articles on responsive and mobile learning.

1. How Utility Warehouse rolled out responsive elearning to their 46,000 BYOD learners


Paul Goundry, Head of Learning at Utility Warehouse had a grand vision: To put the experience of high performing distributors ‘in the pocket’ of new distributors with fully responsive elearning.

This is the story of how he achieved it with Elucidat.

2. Responsive elearning is a must-have, not a nice-to-have

learning solutions mag mobile learning

Cammy Bean, VP of Learning at Kimeo thinks multi-device learning is the future.

“The new multi-device world order is here, and it means you need to build and design content that will work on almost any device.”

Cammy shares some tips for designing with this new framework in mind.

3. Six misunderstood myths about mobile learning

mobile myths

Learn why mobile learning is cheaper, safer and more accessible than you may think.

We bust six of the biggest mobile learning myths.

4. Mobile learning statistics: 6 trends you need to know


At Elucidat, we pulled together the latest mobile trends into one concise article.

Here are the six major drivers for mobile learning.

5. Smartphone elearning – the importance of responsive design

marshallacm mobile learning

Marshall ACM says “the mobile revolution is here to stay.”

“We know that as a simple fact, and, as a result, your elearning platforms need to be embracing the revolution, and that means that your content needs to be optimized for whatever device – be it smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop – from which your users choose to access it.”

Learn why Marshall ACM thinks responsive design is important

Steve Penfold

Steve Penfold

Steve Penfold is the Chief Executive of Elucidat. He helps large companies and training providers speed up and simplify their elearning authoring.
Steve Penfold
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