Microlearning example: “5 Steps To Risk Assessment”

One of the best ways to support your learners – before, during or after training – is with an effective job aid. 5 Steps to Risk Assessment helps employers assess their workplace health and safety risks with a minimum of fuss by presenting five key steps, as advised by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

This job aid uses vertical scrolling navigation and badging to mark each completed step.

Click here to visit 5 Steps to Risk Assessment

See this microlearning learning in action







Why we like it

  • Good use of microlearning to deliver deep learning through short but personalized content.
  • Demonstrates vertical scrolling navigation. Scrolling feels more web-based and suits a job aid delivery.
  • Demonstrates the Tooltip feature which presents a definition or links to a website when learners click an underlined text area.
  • Uses badges to indicate progress through the job aid and completion of each step.

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