Score Weighting

This week we’ve added a new ‘Score Weighting’ option to Elucidat allowing you to weight the importance of each Questionnaire Page.

With ‘Score Weighting’ answering more difficult questions can be rewarded.

To start using ‘Score Weighting’:

‘Score Weighting’ can be accessed by entering ‘Page Settings’ and opening the ‘Scoring and Completion’ tab.

Score Weighting

Score weighting scenario

I am creating a project with four questions and I want the hardest question to contribute more to the final score.

In this case the hardest question is Question 1.

To set the Score Weighting of Question 1, I open ‘Page Settings’ and move to the ‘Scoring and Completion’ tab.

I select ‘User submitting a score’ so that scores are recorded.

Now I move the slider from the default of 50% to 100%.

I do not have to set the weighting for my other questions but I do need to set them to ‘User submitting a score’.

If I answer all my questions correctly I should receive the following results:

Question 1 – 40%

Question 2 – 20%

Question 3 – 20%

Question 4 – 20%

TOTAL – 100%

To test my ‘Score weighting’

In this example I have used Google Chrome’s Developer Console to check my work, you can do the same in Internet Explorer’s ‘Developer tools’ or in Firefox using the excellent ‘Firebug’ Plug-in.

You can access Chrome’s Developer Console by pressing View > Developer > Developer tools and then selecting the ‘Console’ tab. Note you must be in ‘Live Preview’ to receive score feedback.

Note: Though the slider by default moves between 1 and 100, you can enter your own amount, by double clicking the number and entering an amount (you may enter between 1 and 999).

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