Can these simulation-based elearning ideas help you?

Simulation Elearning Ideas

Simulation-based elearning provides learners the opportunity to safely explore and practice applications before actually working on them. Here are three ideas to help you create effective simulation-based elearning material.

Marina Arshavskiy: Simulations and games can make learning fun!


In most simulators and games, the objective is to win. To win, learners naturally need to discover and learn the “system” in order to beat it. This approach to learning can be much more enjoyable than boring slideshows and videos. In this article, Marina covers the different types of game-based learning and which tools can be used to build this interactive content.

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Arunima Majumdar: The value of simulations when creating elearning solutions for application training

Can these simulation-based elearning ideas help you?

Traditional approaches to application training generally involved text-based handouts in classroom settings. While the learners may gain theoretical knowledge with this method, they end up lacking hands on experience. This is where simulation elearning can better prepare the learner and help them master the application or program before they actually use it.

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Jae Curtis: Your simulation training needs to be adaptive. Here’s how you do it.

Can these simulation-based elearning ideas help you?

In this article, Jae explains why adaptive simulation can create better learning retention. By adapting the simulation to the learner’s level of understanding and experience, the learner can receive a more personal and applicable elearning experience.

Read Jae’s ideas on making your elearning simulators adaptive

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Steve Penfold

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