Storytelling tips to help you author more effective elearning

Storytelling in elearning is powerful. Learn how to create engaging elearning experiences by reading five of my favorite articles on elearning storytelling.

1. Seven ways to integrate storytelling into your next elearning course

integrate storytelling

Christopher Pappas from Elearning Industry believes storytelling can help learners “feel more emotionally connected to the subject matter.”

Chris’ 7 seven tips to help you integrate storytelling

2. Storytelling in elearning: Anna Sabramowicz’s 10-part video course

Understanding how to use storytelling in elearning can be extremely challenging. In this 10-part series, Anna Sabramowicz explores proven techniques for adding storytelling elements to your eLearning.

Watch Anna’s Storytelling in eLearning video series on YouTube:

3. How to use stories to create cutting edge scenario-based elearning

storytelling book

Li Whybrow breaks down the five design principles of great scenario-based elearning: Story, Script, Characters, Tension, and Resolution.

Make your course more engaging by using Li’s storytelling structure

4. The power of storytelling in elearning

storytelling power

Jennifer Neibert suggests that the power of storytelling is realized when you make it personal, relevant and about the learning.

“The easiest way to start building storytelling into your learning is to introduce characters and scenarios that require your learners to make decisions and see the consequences of their choices.”

Discover the power of storytelling in elearning

5. Using the principles of storytelling to create an engaging course

principles storytelling

Sean Stoker suggests that “if a learner can relate to the topic and it’s applications, it becomes that much easier to absorb the material.”

Learn how to use these principles of storytelling to create an engaging course

Steve Penfold

Steve Penfold

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