This week we’ve added a magnificent new Subtitles feature to Elucidat.

Subtitles improve accessibility and add further clarity to your videos and demonstrations.

To add subtitles:

First we need to create a .srt file, an .srt file is a special sort of subtitle format.

Sounds complicated but I’m going to guide you through how to create this file using only the default applications on your Mac and PC.

To create the basic .srt file

Open Notepad or TextEdit.

Now we need to construct what will be said in our Subtitles.

There are three basic components that you need to add for each line of subtitling.

Number in the sequence.

When you want the subtitles to be displayed (start and end point).

What you want the subtitles to display.

Note: The colouring is simply highlight and not a requirement of Subtitling.

So in the following…


00:00:01.00 —> 00:00:03.00


…I am saying this is the first in the sequence (sequences begin at 0), that my Subtitles will display from the first to the third second and I want to display the text ‘Hello’.

To add subsequent Subtitles insert a blank line and repeat the same process:


00:00:01.00 —> 00:00:03.00



00:00:03.00 —> 00:00:05.00

How are you?

In the above example it will say ‘Hello’, followed by ‘How are you?’ in the third second.

Note: It is important to follow this formatting exactly, if you would like to see an example in .srt form click here.

To save as .srt


Press ‘Save’.

In the dropdown titled ‘Save as type’ select all files.

Now type a name for your file, adding .srt to the end.

Here’s a handy video if you are in doubt.

On Mac

Press ‘Format’ and press ‘Make Plain Text’.

Press ‘Save’.

Add your title in the ‘Save as’ field.

Now untick the ‘Hide extension’ tick box in the bottom left of the popup window.


You will see that TextEdit adds the extension ‘.txt’ to the end of your file.

Delete the extension ‘.txt’ and replace it with ‘.srt’.

Press ‘Save’.

Text edit will display this warning:


Select ‘Use .srt’.

Importing Subtitles into Elucidat

Open a ‘Video’ page.

Add a video.

Now in the box titled ‘Upload captions/subtitles’ press ‘Choose file’.

Select your .srt file.

Elucidat will upload your file.

Now when your learner watches your video they can turn the Subtitling option on by pressing the ‘CC’ (1) button in the bottom right of the video screen.


Note: Subtitle files can be quite variable in the way they are saved (this is called the MIME type of the file) so – if Elucidat rejects your file – don’t worry – send it to us and we’ll make sure it is supported going forward.

Audio player subtitles

You can add subtitles to the audio player using the same method.

Click the ‘Audio player’ edit button.

Click the ‘Speaker’ button.

Press ‘Choose file’ in the ‘Upload captions/subtitles’ section and select your .srt file.

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