5 ideas to help you create more effective tablet-friendly elearning

elearning on tablets

Learning on mobile tablets is becoming a popular way to access elearning material. Users want easy accessibility and touch screen capabilities to learn from. Below are five articles on ideas you can use when creating tablet-friendly elearning courses.

Christopher Pappas: 7 tips for creating tablet-friendly elearning courses

Did you know 82 million people in the United States now own a tablet? If your elearning courses are not tablet friendly, you may be missing a good percentage of your target audience. In this article, Christopher shares seven tips to make your elearning courses tablet friendly.

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Training Zone: Move over to tablets for elearning

In the professional world, tablets are no longer just for entertainment purposes. They have become an integral part of the learning and development process in organizations all around the world. In this article, Trading Zone shares the main reasons for this revolution in mobile and tablet elearning.

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Nikos Andriotis: mEnable your elearning – 6 things to consider when creating tablet compatible courses

Mobile capability in elearning frees the learner from having to be situated at a desk using a computer. Classes can be had anywhere and material can be learnt anywhere there’s an internet connection. In this piece from Nikos, he shares six concept you must consider when building your tablet-friendly courses.

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Elearning on tablets – What, Why & How? (Slideshare)

Amit Garg and Alan Samuel explain the current state of tablet use in the elearning industry. Click through the slides to learn how and why tablets are being used in the elearning industry.

Intel Case Study: 21st century elearning soars with tablet computers


This comprehensive case study by Intel explores the exponential use of tablet learning in schools. Intel shares reasons why people prefer tablets to learn from and some ideas on what tablets are best for different levels of schooling.

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