How To Take Charge Of Your Designs With Elucidat’s Layout Designer

We’re all about empowering teams to create better learning, quickly. While we’ve always provided a range of layouts and interactions that work across all devices, we’ve now gone a step further. With our new Layout Designer, you can now create pages however you want.


And, no, you don’t need to be able to code. You can simply drag and drop whatever you want wherever you want it, and you know that it will work across any device.

Create learning, your way

Want to drop a poll next to that killer video, do it. Add some audio commentary alongside that diagram, easy. Build a game by combining interactions into one “play area,” sure thing. Drop an image into a text field, why not?

Whether you want to create a 30-second or 30-minute digital learning experience, you can now take full control even if you don’t have technical skills.

Designed for the more experienced learning designer, you can create your own branded set of templates for your whole team to use. You can start from scratch or adapt a ready-made layout; create your very own look and feel or strip out the odd button; and set up a whole new way of linking pages together or layout your content into a seamless scrolling strip.

Whatever you want to do, you can.

Don’t believe it’s that simple? Take a look…

Pimp up an existing page in 60 seconds

Let’s say that you’ve recorded a whole host of example manager–employee conversations, and you want to use them for some reflective learning for new managers. You want to make it a social learning experience, by using polling to elicit learner opinions, and eventually build in some branching depending on how learners respond.

Sounds complicated? It’s not.

Here’s how we adapted a standard Elucidat Likert Scale question to a new bespoke layout, featuring audio and a graphical intro, in 60 seconds, that can be used across as many projects as you like.

Layout Designer Clip 1

Save your layouts – to be used again as you please

Did you notice the smart save options?


With Layout Designer, you can save the layout for just this page, every page type like this in your project, or give this layout a whole new name.

You can also decide whether to keep this layout just for this project or use it right across the board.

Layout Designer puts you in control of how to use your creations.

Tailor it to different devices

As with any design, you can check how it looks on other devices using the Elucidat responsive scroll bar. But you can now more easily adapt your designs for different devices.

See here how we drop in an extra button to the mobile version and link it to online support.

Layout Designer Clip 2

You can then add any scoring or branching you like using Rules. Or simply add some comments to your creations to advise your team on how they are to be used across projects.

Feeling inspired? See some outputs…

Check out these demo projects we created in under an hour by using Layout Designer.

Click on the images to open up the courses:

1. Take a scroll on the wild side: with a cuppa, of course (open course)


2. Exploring the paper trail: with a clean design (open course)


Amazing. What else can Layout Designer help you with?

Perhaps the question should actually be what can’t it do for you!

We’ve only scraped the surface in this article in terms of what Layout Designer empowers you to do on your projects.

7 inspiring ways to power-up your designs with Layout Designer:

  • Personalize learning – by creating specific design packages for different needs, e.g., depending on how learners answer diagnostic or other questions
  • Gamify learning – by creatively combining interactions into a “playable” layout and setting up bespoke scoring mechanisms
  • Tell stories that flow – by setting out scrolling pages that visually tell a story
  • Make anything a peer learning experience – thread polls that ask for the audience’s opinions and display the results, live, throughout your content
  • Create bespoke navigation systems – add or remove buttons and displays to headers and footers as required, perhaps dropping some for mobile displays
  • Link elements freely – to other pages, resources, and external content, as needed
  • Add expert commentary easily – need to explain a complex diagram or new process image? Drop in a self-shot expert video or audio explanation to save development time. Use this for feedback to questions too.

In other words, you no longer need to reach out to suppliers to produce high-end, bespoke, smart designs.

Want to know more?

If you’d like to get your hands on Elucidat and its new Layout Designer, click here to get in touch.

Already got Elucidat? Check out these fantastic support videos that demo how to get started with Layout Designer, or reach out to the Support Team for help.

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