Elearning example: The Open University’s “Finding The Truth”

This responsive elearning example from the Open University is interactive, immersive and thought-provoking. It uses a case study approach and gives learners the power to make decisions – comparing their verdict with the public vote.

Through three very different cases we get to step into the world of crime to find out more about forensic evidence, workplace accidents and sentencing through the UK criminal justice system. Each case relays a story, and asks us to judge the evidence – Is he guilty? Should she go to prison? Was it an accident?

Our decisions are compared with those of experts before we’re told the final verdict. And at the end of each case we can see how our opinions compared with a public vote. Horatio Caine step aside!

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Why we like it

  • Uses Elucidat’s new Layout Designer and Styles functionality to create interesting and varied interactions.
  • It’s a web-based responsive design.
  • Uses a case study approach to present and compare evidence and events.
  • Is interactive, immersive and thought-provoking.
  • Uses animation and voice over to present the narrative and engage learners. We like how the resource starts with the ‘story’, and ends with the ‘truth’.
  • Gives learners the power to make decisions (How reliable is the evidence? Who is to blame? Is prison the answer?) and compare their thoughts with those of experts.
  • Uses polling in an extremely engaging way to compare your initial verdict with your final verdict and compare this with the public vote.
  • The resource is followed up with real-life case studies, each one presented using an interactive timeline.

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