To change LRS email and ‘Log-in screen’

Before your learner gets started with a course that is using LRS mode they will see a ‘log-in’ screen where they must enter their name and their email address:

To change LRS email and 'Log-in screen'

By default this already looks pretty spiffy… but in a few cases we’ve found that editing the layout of this screen is necessary, for instance if you wish to change the language of the text.

Well now it’s really easy to change! Here’s how:

Open the course

Press ‘Configure’ and then press ‘Learner tracking’:

To change LRS email and 'Log-in screen'

Scroll down the screen, you should already have the ‘Learner access control’ set to ‘Identify’, as this is required when in the LRS mode, which will mean that you can see a screen similar to this:

To change LRS email and 'Log-in screen'

In here there are several options:

1.) Edit log-in page – This setting will allow you to edit the log-in page using Elucidat’s WYSIWYG interface, like so:

To change LRS email and 'Log-in screen'

2.) Invitation email subject – This is the subject of the email that your receive will learn once they have submitted their name and email address to the ‘Log-in’ page, by default it is called the project name, plus ‘invitation’.

3.) Invitation email content – This is the content of your email, if you leave this blank it will display:

Hi there ,

Your unique link for is here:

…press ‘Save changes’ when you are ready.

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