Tracking change

This week we’ve revamped how Tracking works within Elucidat, to allow advanced students to progress rapidly.

You can now specify the percentage of pages an e-learner must view to complete a module using the ‘Consider course completed after % of pages’ slider.

The ‘Consider course completed after % of pages’ slider can be found in the ‘Project settings’ menu.

For example:

If I have a course with 100 pages, and I set the ‘Consider course completed after % of pages’ to 10%, pupils need only view 10 pages to complete the course.

This is most practical in cases where the student must complete an assessment, but they don’t need to view the entire course.

For example:

If I have a course of 100 pages, with a 10 page assessment.

I can set the ‘Consider course completed after % of pages’ to 10% so they only have to view the 10 page assessment.

However… what if I also want to guarantee that they have completed and understood the assessment?

To do this whilst building my assessment I must guarantee that my ‘Page settings’ are set so that the learner’s answers contribute to their final score.

To do this I open the ‘Page settings’ menu and edit the ‘This page is completed by’ setting to either ‘User submitting a score’ or ‘User submitting a correct score’.

Note: This must be done all applicable assessment screens

I must also have the correct ‘Project settings’ applied.

  • Open the ‘Project settings’ menu
  • Set the dropdown titled ‘Mark complete courses as’ to ‘passed’
  • Specify the ‘Pass rate’, lets say 50% (or 5 questions in this case)

With these settings, my learner will pass and complete the course if they attempt all 10 questions AND answer 5 correctly.

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