Translation feature

This week, we’ve added an important new feature to Elucidat that allows you to use external agencies to translate your project content.

Please note that the ‘Translation feature’ is only available to Enterprise customers.

The workflow we use with the ‘Translation feature’ is as follows:

I create a ‘Template’ that I will base all of my course on.

Then I create a ‘Project’ for each language that I wish to translate to (make sure you give them sensible names! In this case I will use “Project French” and “Project Spanish”).

Then in each ‘Project’ I open the ‘Project settings’ menu and select the ‘Translation’ tab and press the button that says ‘Export XLF1.2 translation file’ from each Project.

Translation feature

Now I can send my XLF files for Project French and Project Spanish to my translation agency (you can open the files using free software such as Virtaal).

Once I have the XLF files back from my agency, I upload them into the corresponding projects by opening the ‘Project settings’ menu, selecting the ‘Translation’ tab and pressing ‘Import XLF1.2 translation file’.

Translation feature

Note: When you upload an XLF file it will overwrite all the text within the project!

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