Wax LRS is a superb LRS that we would like to draw to your attention which can be used with our xAPI/Tincan mode (if you’re not sure what xAPI is click here).

What advantages are there with using an LRS (or Learning Record Store)? Well using an LRS saves your learners from the hassle of logging in to an LMS, allowing for a much less formal learning experience and easier mobile access for learners. You’re also able to use an LMS at the same time if you need to kill two birds with one stone!

Another great advantage with an LRS is the amount of in depth information that you can receive which allows you to really pinpoint problem areas in your courses.

You can also use this information to integrate other apps with your work, for example Salesforce.

Wax LRS in use

Here’s a few examples I have found of handy ‘Out of the box’ behaviour in Wax LRS.

You can immediately see how questions are being answered, you can do this for all of your learners or for a specific learner:



You can immediately see how your learners are performing:


A really nice touch is that you can embed the information from your dashboard with ‘Embed me!’ button:


Test different ‘Employee’ competencies by testing for different rules:


Set up Wax LRS

After logging in to Wax, press the ‘Settings’ button


Firstly in the section titled ‘API Information’, take note of the ‘Endpoint URL’:


Then scroll down to the ‘Credentials’ section:


Press ‘Create New Basic’, a new ‘Consumer key’ and ‘Secret key’ will be generated, make a note of these.

Now head over to Elucidat and open a scored course that you would like to have reporting to your LRS (if you would like more info on how to create a scored course click here).

Press ‘Configure’ to open the ‘Page settings’ menu.

Add your ‘Endpoint URL’ to the section called ‘LRS Endpoint URL you will also need to append the URL with ‘/statements’, for example:

Add your ‘Consumer Key’ code to the section that says ‘LRS Username’.

Add your ‘Secret key’ code to the section that says ‘LRS Password’.

Now let’s look at setting the ‘Learner access control’, in LRS mode this must be set to either ‘Identify’ or ‘Restricted’.

…now your LMS settings are ready, release your course as an ‘Online’ release and take a look at your course.

You should start to see statements in Wax LRS almost immediately.


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