A big year for Elucidat customers

As a company and a platform, Elucidat has undergone quite a transformation in the last year. Growth and change meant some big benefits for our customers – and has set us on an exciting trajectory for 2020. If some of the headlines passed you by, here’s our roundup of the past year and what you need to know.
Elucidat customers year in review

Elucidat’s Year in Review

2019 was a year of change, no matter your industry. And L&D was no different. From new trends like the rise of the ‘deskless worker’, to the recurring ones of ROI and mobile delivery; focuses shifted and boundaries were pushed. 

It’s true of Elucidat too. We honed in on how to best support a growing user base and keep step with clients’ industries both now and in the future. And in doing so we had somewhat of a headline year. 

In May, funding was secured thanks to our investment partners. Our team grew rapidly from 20 to over 50 people in every area – from Customer Success to Development. Service levels got even better, with more customers reporting being very happy with the interactions they had with our team. Then, at the end of the year, we opened a US office to support customers in other timezones.

We also developed the platform in big ways – improving branding, introducing new ways to access learning and increasing accessibility. All of this was topped off by being awarded a Brandon Hall Gold Award, for excellence in the Best Advance in Content Authoring Technology category. Watch the video below for an overview of the features that helped us win:


But for the team here at Elucidat we like to look beyond trends, or even our own headlines. We’re people-centered, and it’s people who power us. So we wanted to look at the sometimes-unseen, meaningful events of the year too. 

And there’s no better place to do that than through the values at the core of Elucidat: “Learn. Care. Share.” These are the ways we lived them last year: 

What we learned

Having the voice of our users reflected in the shape of the product and its future is important, and there is no better way than to ask them in person. Thanks to our newly-established User Experience team, over 50 research conversations took place with some of our existing customers in 2019. 

They told us what they did and didn’t like. Whether our improvements worked for them. What they’d like to see next. Where their pain points were. 

And we’ve learned a lot from what our customers are saying about the platform. The findings are at the front and center of our ongoing product development process, forming our roadmap for 2020. With their help, improvements have been planned to continue making all our customers’ – and their learners’ – lives better. 

How we cared

Last year, the Elucidat support team had well over 8,000 conversations with customers. Those conversations were rated as either great or outstanding by 97.9% of respondents. 

Over 300 incremental improvements to the platform were logged, from day-to-day maintenance to squashing annoying bugs.

Our Professional Services team worked on 73 projects with customers. These ranged from full scale elearning strategy consultation to learner-ready review. Together, they are making transformational elearning that has an impact on people’s day-to-day work. 

And the outcome? Over 11 million learners accessed 25,137 courses built on Elucidat.

Where we shared

Last year we launched the Learning at Large podcast. It’s hosted by Simon Greany, one of our founders, a learning expert with many years experience. He welcomes some of the world’s biggest and boldest organizations to share their approach, ethos and results delivering L&D at scale. 16 episodes were produced in 2019, with many more planned for 2020. If you’ve not listened yet, tune in on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or find it on our blog. 

On social media – and here on the website – we shared blogs, industry news and product updates nearly 800 times. If you’re not following us already, head over Linkedin, Twitter or Facebook to stay up to date.

Why it’s important

Elucidat represents a different approach to elearning. Putting the learner first is the priority, and we want to empower our users to have an impact on their lives. And nobody knows their learners better than our customers. 

Learning from day-to-day support enquiries through to strategy consultation; from bugs to podcast debates, is how we know our industry and the challenges we’ll tackle. It’s how we’ll grow and evolve to serve the next learners better learning than ever before.

So through all these different conversations in the past 12 months; through learning, caring and sharing, last year was a transformational one. Those learnings have come with us into the new decade. We’ll continue to bring our values to life, so you can live yours. Keep an eye on the platform – bigger, better updates are coming soon. 

Year in summary

elucidat year in full 2019 infographic

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