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United Kingdom

The Company

Utility Warehouse, part of Telecom Plus PLC, is a multi-award winning provider of home, phone, broadband, mobile, and gas services to 550,000 homes and small businesses in the UK. The company has a team of 46,000 distributors spread across the UK.

“Elucidat helps us deliver elearning, with a fantastic user experience, to 46,000 learners on any device.”

Paul Goundry, Head of Learning, Utility Warehouse

The Challenge

  • Paul Goundry, Utility Warehouse’s Head of Learning, wanted to put the knowledge and experience of his company’s high performing distributors in the pocket of new distributors.
  • He needed a way to deliver this experience to his distributors who consume elearning on their mobile devices.
  • Trialed several tools but found difficulty producing interactive and engaging content that worked on both desktop and mobile devices.


The Solution

  • Elucidat helps Paul and his team deliver great looking elearning to both desktop and mobile devices (without having to create two courses).
  • Instead of using multiple tools for multiple tasks, his team now uses Elucidat to handle the entire design and development process.
  • Paul chose Elucidat because it helps him produce cross platform learning and gives him the flexibility to be creative.


The Results

  • Paul can now wholeheartedly encourage all his distributors to access the valuable expertise and knowledge through their mobile phones. He simply couldn’t do that before Elucidat.
  • Paul has been able to maintain a fantastic experience for users on both desktop and mobile devices.
  • Paul’s team now uses only one tool to create elearning. This keeps the whole team (and elearning library) better organized. It also helps Paul manage his team.

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