Advanced User Management

Discover the power of customizable permissions and user roles. Get the flexibility and security you need when managing your team in Elucidat.

Fit your platform to your team, not the other way around

Recreate your real-life workflows in your authoring tool with roles that reflect your organization. 

Edit the permissions of Elucidat’s standard user roles or create your own to give your team the right access for their job.

Elucidat Advanced User Management Features

Save time on team management

Spend less time on user admin. With options to add, edit and remove multiple users at once, your authoring platform can now move at the same pace as your business.

Bring in stakeholders, add extra manpower, make the most of the users in your plan – all in just a few clicks.

“It’s extremely useful, 10/10”

- Team Manager

Smarter teamwork

However your team works, Advanced User Management works for you.


Whether your team has multiple roles per person, or dedicated responsibilities for each, set the exact permissions each person requires.

Hybrid or remote

Learning Accelerator blueprints enable all levels of authors to choose the right place to start. Share the load and remove the barrier to producing content.


Remove the risks of bringing colleagues and SMEs from across the business into your authoring platform. Restrict access and set bespoke permissions.

“I literally cannot wait for user roles to come out, it will be the highlight of my summer”

- Team Manager

Whether you’re a customer, or not yet,

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