Advanced User Management

Discover the power of customizable permissions and user roles.
Get the flexibility and security you need when managing your team.

Advanced User Management allows you to reduce the effort to manage your team roles. Unlock unmatched user governance by crafting your own roles. Dive into 30+ permission settings for total control.

Complete customization

Recreate your real-life workflows in your authoring platform with user roles that reflect your organization. 

Edit the permissions of Elucidat’s standard user roles or create your own to give your team the right access the right access for their job.

Elucidat Advanced User Management Features

Elucidat Advanced User Management Features

Spend less time on admin

With options to add, edit and remove multiple users at once, your authoring platform can now move at the same pace as your business.

Bring in stakeholders and add them to your Elucidat account – all in just a few clicks.

For any team structure

Whether you’re embracing classic hierarchies or working within unique team structures, Advanced User Management can replicate it.

Create Departments and ensure each team has the precise access they need — and no more. Safeguard your expertise and sensitive data.

Elucidat Advanced User Management Features

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