Learning Launchpad

Create mobile-friendly elearning portals, super fast. Learning Launchpad brings together the ease and insight of Elucidat, with the simplicity of sharing a link. Skip the admin and get content directly to learners in a more cost-effective way.


A hassle-free way to launch learning faster

Serve up impactful learning experiences in a matter of minutes. Just group Elucidat projects into a self-contained elearning portal and launch direct to your learners.

Easy access for your learners

Allow your audience to self-register and access learning content on mobile-friendly learning portals.

Better data and reporting

Take tracking and measurement ten steps further than your LMS. Go beyond simple pass/fail and completion metrics to easily analyze your learners’ engagement. 

The flexibility is great for our needs. We can deliver compliance training to employees and suppliers that don’t need full LMS access


- Director of L&D, Global Hospitality Company

Reach people who don’t have LMS access

Freelancers and temporary workers

Suppliers and partners

New employees (pre-boarding)

Product launches and campaigns

Distributed and remote employees

On-the-go employees

Customer story

How do you get online training out to half a million employees around the world, and ensure it’s up to date? Read how one hospitality company tackled this with Learning Launchpad…

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