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Webinar #1

How to produce high-quality online training quickly and easily


August 27


With elearning demands coming thick and fast from across businesses and budgets being cut, the pressure on L&D is building. Get ideas for how you team can save time and look awesome.


Webinar #2

How to crowdsource training production without the risk 


September 24


Get ideas for how to best get knowledge from your subject matter experts, decentralize learning production and open up authoring to your organization


Webinar #3

How to drive down your cost to train



October 29


Discover a faster way to train employees and have a big impact on business productivity. We’ll look at how to connect experts with your workforce and drive down training costs.

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How to drive down your cost to train

Thursday October 29 – 8:30AM PDT/11:30AM EST/4:30 PM BST


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