Bridging the skills gap: Your complete guide to authoring tool implementation

It’s time to modernize your authoring tool

Are you just starting out on your digital transformation? Ready to switch from an authoring tool that isn’t working for you? Looking to add new authoring software to your tech stack? 

Before committing to a way forward, there’s a lot to consider. From your initial needs analysis, to your implementation and beyond.

Learn what you didn’t know you didn’t know, and modernize your learning.

This guide is perfect for those who are brand new to authoring software, but also for more experienced users looking to make their new software an instant success!

Get answers to the right questions

We’ve done the hard work for you – scoured the Web to find the answers most readers are looking for.

What is an authoring tool?

→ Understand the basics and all of the options available to you

What do I need from an authoring tool?

→ Evaluate where you’re at, and establish your business needs

What tech do I need to deliver online training?

→ Build your tech stack and create a seamless integration

Which authoring tool is best?

→ How to choose the right tool for you and your team

How do I build a business case?

→ Establish what an ROI looks like and build your case

How can I ensure my new tool is a success?

→ 6 steps to successful implementation and how to scale up

Included resources

This guide is packed full of additional resources to help you in your journey to choosing and implementing an authoring tool successfully:


  The digital transformation scale checklist

  Personalized authoring needs report

  6-point authoring tool scorecard

  Authoring tool comparison template

  Real-world examples of successful authoring tool implementation

Download the guide now and get instant access to everything you need to implement a new tool