Unleash Your Learning Online: Practical Toolkit

Top resources to help you with the shift from face-to-face to online learning. Make sure you deliver impact now and beyond the COVID-19 crisis.

Helping you adapt & de-risk

Face-to-face training is on hold, for now at least. We’ve curated our top resources, and those from others in the industry, to help you adapt and thrive.

Look beyond the quick fixes, don’t stop at virtual classrooms. Use these resources to build a sustainable learning strategy that future-proofs your business.

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Resources to help you right now

Ultimate guide to transforming face-to-face training to online learning

The COVID-19 pandemic has made classroom training a thing of the past, at least for now. Here’s our expert advice for transforming your face-to-face training into online blended experiences. ...

F2F to Online: Where to start?

Practical advice on how to set off on the right foot when adapting face-to-face training ...

Elearning 101 checklist

What makes great elearning? Discover the five core principles to live by ...

10 awesome elearning examples

Get inspired! Explore 10 modern, super engaging elearning examples ...

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Resources to future-proof your digital learning

Storyboarding template

Save your digital learning designs from boring content! Get a free storyboarding templates and tips on how to use it ...

Develop a modern digital learning strategy

Best practice guide to help you develop your learning strategy to deliver real business impact ...

Elearning project planning template

Capture your challenge and audience's needs before you shape and test your digital learning solution ...

4 ways to structure an elearning team

How do you set up your digital learning team for success? We share four tried and tested set-ups ...