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After proving to be indispensable during the pandemic, L&D is finally seen as business critical. However, making the most of this new influence will be a balancing act. L&D teams need to focus on their strategic responsibilities, while still meeting their organizations ever-increasing training demands. With economic pressures increasing, L&D is being asked to do more than ever before.

L&D leaders and experts continue to strive to provide quick, engaging and relevant training in 2023. From immersive scenarios to simple resources, there is no one way they are trying to achieve this. Instead, L&D is refocusing on how it delivers what the business and its people really need.

4 practical ways to get started

Being asked to do more with less means embracing new ways of doing things. Both L&D professionals and experts highlighted 4 factors that will help you do this and drive effective learning at an enterprise scale with less stress:

1. Collaboration

Don’t be scared of opening up elearning production by delegating course creation. By embracing collaborative ways of working, you can empower anyone to produce quality digital learning, capture their expertise, and future-proof your organization. Expanding your capacity allows you to focus your resources where you can have the most impact.

2. Prioritization

Not all content is the same – that goes without saying. Use content differences to identify where best to focus your effort and investment. RedThread Research’s model can help you to do this by looking at two factors: Is the content specific to the organization or generic? Is it durable or perishable? Whether you play a bigger or smaller role in content creation and maintenance depends on what category the content fits into.

3. Agility

Being agile allows you to prioritize demand and choose your approach based on what your learners and business need. Gather data and understand the impact of your solutions. Pivot your approach if it isn’t having the right effect. Digital agility is critical to navigating the changing business and employee landscape.

4. Access

With the huge amount of content out there, employees are struggling to find what they need. If L&D is going to support people to access the right learning at the right time, they need to put guardrails in place. Remove barriers to accessing learning. Make your learning ecosystem searchable. Use marketing techniques to create awareness and engagement.

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