Elucidat is the best Storyline 360 alternative for large teams

Discover the most effective authoring tool for enterprise organizations looking to create high-impact elearning courses quickly, and at scale.

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Elucidat vs. Storyline 360

Unlock the power of elearning with Elucidat, the best Storyline 360 alternative.

Elucidat’s multi-award-winning elearning platform allows you to create fully responsive and personalized online training faster with our Learning Accelerator. Involve your subject-matter experts in course creation, without requiring training, saving time from course creation to release with cloud-based collaboration.

Discover why Elucidat is the go-to choice for organizations seeking efficient and scalable employee training solutions.

Dive into a free trial to explore our user-friendly features before you make a commitment.

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Personalized elearning experiences

Personalized elearning experiences

Elucidat provides the right mix of flexibility and support for all course creators, regardless of experience. See our elearning examples showcase to discover what’s possible with Elucidat’s authoring platform.

Advanced user management and author collaboration.

User management & collaboration

Tailor your team’s access with Elucidat’s Advanced User Management. Fine-tune permissions for each role and even create custom roles that align seamlessly with your organizational structure. Boost collaboration and speed up elearning projects.

Re-realease SCORM and easy localization

Re-release & easy localization

Effortlessly refresh live courses on your LMS without the hassle of re-uploading SCORM files. Plus, roll out multilingual projects in one go with our AI-driven Auto-Translate feature, all within a single SCORM package. Saving you time and effort.

Find out how Benefit achieved a trackable, global learning presence and an increase in engagement throughout their learner base. All while realising an estimated 69% saving on the costs of an LMS!

145% YoY increase in monthly visits

69% Estimated saving

Tesco has people clamouring to use the tool which they never had before. The company has doubled the amount of people making elearning whilst reducing costs by 50%.

500,000 Learners

4x Increase in speed

For one of the world’s most prestigious fashion houses, Italian-brand Max Mara, top quality output...

10 languages

10 brands

10,000+ learners worldwide

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