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Elucidat: the best Storyline 360 alternative

Need an easier way to produce digital learning at scale? Then Elucidat is the best authoring tool for you.

Decentralize learning production and widen your impact, reduce costs, all the while increasing business performance.

We’ll get you off to a great start with a tailored demo by one of our in-house team of experts. Book today!

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Create your own templates
Device responsive design
Instant LMS content updates
Parent/Child course relationships
xAPI analytics
Collaboration tools
Multilingual SCORM package
SCORM - Release and update courses to your LMS easily

Easier to use for everyone

Enable both your subject matter experts and your L&D teams to create content, and invite anyone – and we mean anyone – to review and feedback your training.

Brand excellence in modern outputs

Say goodbye to the frustration of outdated interfaces and hello to modern output that puts the learner first – and it is so easy to use! Your brand will shine through your digital learning across any device, making training interactive and engaging.

Learning Accelerator personalized elearning templates
Translations - Create variations of your course and export into any language

Re-release and easy localization

Roll out multilingual projects in one go with our AI-driven Auto-Translate feature within a single SCORM package. All the while you can refresh live courses on your LMS without the hassle of re-uploading SCORM files.

And it’s not just us saying it!

G2 rating 4.5 out of 5

“The review mode for the SMEs is great, Elucidat has done a great job. SMEs can add comments easily to help review learning content.”

beatrice cocchi
Beatrice Cocchi
Corporate HRM Learning Coordinator, 
Max Mara

“What Elucidat has done is empowered our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) so they can create really engaging online learning’’

Jo Grantham Oxfam
Jo Grantham
Training Lead, 

“Elucidat is a good authoring tool that permits you to work using existing templates that can speed up your work but there is also the possibility to create pages from scratch”

Adrian Galletta
Elearning Specialist, 
G2 Review

“The tool has been easily scalable across our organization and has been used by individuals of all skill levels.”

Jerry thorner
Jerry Thorner
Global Learning Systems Owner , 
G2 Review

“We have more learners accessing learning than ever before, with greater levels of completion… and we’re producing more content while spending less money, which is kind of the holy grail.”

Paul Bird
Learning Technologies Manager, National Trust

Trusted by global organizations

Frequently Asked Questions

Elucidat goes beyond simple content creation. It’s not just about crafting high-quality, engaging elearning easily. With Elucidat, you benefit from support and coaching from a dedicated success team. No other authoring platform offers the same level of support and guidance. See us as your partner in success, rather than just a vendor.

Elucidat is best for enterprise organizations that create vast amounts of elearning content. Tailored for the demands of large-scale operations, it’s perfect for companies aiming to train thousands of employees with impactful elearning.

While Elucidat excels in serving large enterprises, it may not align with the needs of smaller learning teams whose content creation needs are more modest. For those looking to produce content on a smaller scale, the robustness and breadth of Elucidat’s features might exceed your requirements.

Yes, you can start exploring Elucidat’s full range of features with a 2-week free trial. This trial offers you a hands-on opportunity to experience how Elucidat can help you deliver impactful and scalable learning experiences. Just book a demo to get started.

Of course! Take a look at our latest reviews on G2.