Elucidat is a people-centered elearning authoring tool and platform. We also offer a wide range of professional services and full support.

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Engaging content for any device

Learn more about how Elucidat will help you create fun, easy-to-use and engaging content – whatever device your learners use.

Easy translation and localization

See how we can help you create multiple translated and localized versions of your elearning in a cost-effective way.

Elucidat integrates seamlessly with any SCORM-compliant LMS. Find out more about how Elucidat will integrate with your existing systems.

LMS and API integrations

Better processes and workflows

Discover how Elucidat makes collaboration across your team easy and effective, from content producers to SMEs and translators.

Getting your team up to speed

Learn how we help teams new to Elucidat get started quickly with our unrivalled support and professional services.

Assessment and interactions

Elucidat supports a wide range of assessments and interactions. See a live demonstration of the most relevant ones to you.

Discover a better way of organizing content, learning objects and assets at scale inside the Elucidat platform.

Content management

Templates and rebranding

Easily create new courses in the style of your organization and clients with our templates and styles.

Analytics and tracking

See how you can track, measure and assess learners inside Elucidat using our best-in-class analytics and reporting.

In your demo, you can ask questions about ...

... Using Elucidat to seamlessly manage elearning at scale

... Producing exceptional elearning content

... Making your entire elearning team more effective

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In your demo you will:

  • See how to produce, manage and measure elearning more effectively with Elucidat

  • Explore in detail the features that will have the greatest impact on your team’s goals

  • Learn about the services and support available to ensure you excel with Elucidat
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