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Translations made easy

Auto-Translate makes it super easy to translate your elearning projects and ensures consistency. Users can simply choose one of 75 languages to use, and translated content will always reference your glossary of terms.

Explore translations in this video walkthrough

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Save time

Reduce the time it takes to create language variations.

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Assured accuracy

Ensure company-specific terms are used every time.

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Cost effective

Reduce the dependency on agencies and automate.

Step 1: Choose your source language

To get started, simply choose your source language.

Auto translate select new langauge variation in ELucidat
Auto translate select a language to translate into in Elucidat

Step 2: Choose your target language

Then select your target language and let Elucidat do the rest.

Step 3: Auto-Translate!

It’s as simple as that! Within seconds, you’ll have a translated elearning course.

Auto translate a course into Japanese


Learn more about Auto-Translate.

Auto-Translate is for any organization that produces elearning in two or more languages.

Yes! Elucidat allows you to create a glossary of terms for your automated translations to reference.

Courses translated using this feature can simply be reviewed by a translator for minor adjustments rather than outsourcing the whole translation, saving time and money.

You can find an exhaustive list of all languages covered here.

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