The People-Centered Pledge

Learning is the #1 reason why people want to join organizations...

Yet, only 15% of people can access learning that’s directly relevant to their job. Taking a people-centered approach to learning gives you more reach, more impact, more quickly. You’ll attract, develop and retain great talent, improve employee engagement and your organization’s bottom line too. 

We believe the future of elearning has to be people-centered. Do you?

Six principles 

We analyzed data from millions of learners, gained insight from industry leaders and tested ideas in hundreds of live projects.

This research told us that there are 6 things the most successful learning teams do to deliver transformational digital learning:

  1. Deliver ROI

  2. Meet clear goals

  3. Measure your learning

  4. Be personal

  5. Respect time

  6. Make it widely available

“I pledge to produce people-centered learning that delivers transformational impact.”

Why join?

Joining the pledge might reaffirm your current approach to digital learning, or it might help you on your journey to delivering a transformational impact. Either way, it’s a statement of intent.  

It’s a demonstration of your commitment to providing the best possible learning experiences, which is good news for your learners, good news for your boss and good news for your career. 

In signing up, you’re becoming part of a community of forward-thinking learning professionals who together, can make this people-centered vision a reality. 

You’ll also get:

  • The strategic guide to people-centered learning
  • A 25-point checklist
  • A poster and graphics to show the world
  • Early bird invites to relevant events and webinars

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