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Effective SME-generated content

An SME using a template to create elearning
Guided authoring tools and templates

Harness internal expertise

Equip your experts with user-friendly, guided authoring workflows that enable anyone to craft quality content effortlessly. By tapping into the potential of every author, you can transform raw expertise into powerful learning materials.

Explore Templates by you

Increase your content creation capacity

Take control of the content backlog by leveraging the power of your people. Capture expertise across your business to future-proof your learning and ensure your training is personalized, relevant, and impactful.

Adding a new user into Elucidat
Brand styles, use templates and asset library

Streamline workflows for elearning excellence

Discover streamlined content creation with built-in guardrails. Global styles, asset management, and templates, paired with dedicated user permissions, enable even beginners to confidently produce top-quality, consistent content.

Explore Advanced User Management

Empowering SMEs to create elearning at Oxfam

Discover how Oxfam uses Elucidat to empower a global network of SMEs to create multi-language elearning, to meet urgent learning needs as they arise.

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