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What we offer

Reliable support at your fingertips

Gather live feedback
In-App assistance

Our in-app support helpdesk ensures you get the help you need,
precisely when you need it. You’re never alone on your journey.

Question pool
Help Center

From mastering the basics to exploring advanced practices,
the Help Center is your go-to resource.

Branching video
Regular webinars

Our regular webinars and Q&A sessions provide insider tips and
innovative learning strategies, from Elucidat experts.

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Unlimited resources

Dive into a wealth of resources.
From in-depth guides and Designer Cut videos to hands-on demos.

Isobel Petty

“Each Elucidat user embarks on a unique elearning journey, and our support is tailored to match every step of that path. We’re not just solving problems; we’re empowering creators. Our team is committed to transforming your challenges into opportunities for growth and innovation in elearning.”

Isobel Petty Head of Customer Support

Find everything in our Help Center

Explore resources, find answers, and get tips every Tuesday.
It’s all here to keep you ahead in your elearning journey.

Meet your elearning support team

Isobel Petty
Isobel Petty

Head of Support

Jake Farrow
Jake Farrow

Senior Customer Support Executive

Leo Kirby
Leo Kirby

Customer Support Executive

Andrew Adams
Andrew Adams

Customer Onboarding Specialist