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Accelerate elearning production

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Scale your content effortlessly

Updating courses en masse? Make it a breeze. Accelerate with swift course updates, simple content duplication, and fluid reuse. All while maintaining strict quality oversight, ensuring your expansion never sacrifices excellence.

Leverage best practice templates

Transform your elearning projects with templates that embody industry best practices. Simply pick a template, customize your content, and fast-track your creation process for consistently stellar outcomes.

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Ceate variations instantly release courses and duplicate content

Streamline production, boost efficiency

Optimize content production with our advanced workflows designed for seamless collaboration. Make content reviews fast and fuss-free, helping teams work faster, smarter, and smoother.

Super fast, multi-brand elearning atKingfisher

Home improvement giant, Kingfisher, accelerated their elearning production to achieve their target of 5 million hours of learning, and saved 90% in costs!

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