Elucidat vs GoMo Learning: Comparison and Review

How does Elucidat compare against the GoMo Learning authoring software? Is Elucidat a good GoMo alternative? Through these Elucidat and GoMo reviews, we look at the two authoring tools side by side to help you decide which is the right tool for you.

Elucidat vs GoMo Learning

First, let’s talk about the comparison criteria. There are many elements to consider when reviewing an authoring tool. In this comparison, we’ll try to answer four main questions:  

    1. How easy is it to use? You might have time to spare on learning the ins and outs of the tool, or you might be searching for something that is super intuitive. 
    2. What quality of output can you expect? What kind of learning experience does the finished course offer? 
    3. How fast can you get your course out there?  And how much time does it require from authors? Some training needs will need to be addressed quickly. When that’s the case, you need a tool designed with efficiency in mind. 
    4. How well does the tool perform at scale?  Does the tool work if you want to create multiple courses? Or if you have lots of authors working on the same set of modules? 

GoMo vs Elucidat: At-a-glance comparison table

Elucidat GoMo Learning
Solution Cloud-based authoring tool Cloud-based authoring tool
Digital learning formats HTML5, Video, SCORM (1.2, 2004), xAPI (TinCan) HTML5, Video, SCORM, xAPI (TinCan), cmi5
Production speed Fast Fast
Easy to use? Easy Somewhat
Perfect for Large employers looking to produce business-critical training easily and super fast. Experienced elearning designers who are not looking for too much customization.

Is Elucidat a good alternative to GoMo Learning?

Let’s dive deeper into the differences between Elucidat and GoMo Learning.

Ease of use


GoMo comes with pre-configured screen templates and offers authors a drag-and-drop interface, so no technical skills are required. The authoring interface is separate from the finished course, though, which makes it harder to keep track of what you’re creating as you go.  


Authors can choose from pre-built interactions and activities to create engaging courses right from their first use. The course structure, activity features and on-screen layouts can all be customized from the easy-to-use interface. 

The Learning Accelerator add-on makes things even simpler with template course designs that are ready to be populated with content and launched. 

Elearning output quality


GoMo offers a good range of pre-built interactions and the ability to embed third-party assets into screens. Authors have some freedom over layouts, but all must follow the two, three or four column structure, which may feel restrictive. 

GoMo comes with some pre-loaded themes which can be customized to some extent, but for full control over your visual design, you will need coding skills. 


Elucidat includes a library of templates so you can pick from a wide range of interactions, from clean and clear presentation designs to challenging quiz and activity interactions. The layout designer feature means you can let your creativity roam free without the need for code.

Elucidat offers features like personalized rules, branching, social polling, and gamification to offer learners a really high-quality learning experience. You can also use the analytics dashboards to view learner data and see how users are interacting with your course.

The Learning Accelerator add-on provides you with templates for courses with the best learning design practices already baked in. This means everyone can produce corporate elearning, Even those authors with little or no learning design expertise. Take a look at the great corporate elearning examples on Elucidat’s showcase, many of which can be used as a template to get your course off to a great start. 

Speed and efficiency of authoring


GoMo authoring tool is accessed via a web browser, so there’s no software to download. The tool also offers quick-start wizards so you can get going straight away. The lack of WYSIWYG interface can make things feel less efficient, as you can’t immediately see the output of your work. 


Elucidat’s template library and suite of interactions are designed to let you start creating your course straight away. 

The brand importer means you don’t need to spend time adjusting visuals to make sure your courses look professional and consistent. 

Elucidat uses a WYSIWYG interface so you know exactly what you’re creating as you’re creating it – with no unexpected rework required once you hit the publish button.

If you want to move even faster, you can choose to use a Learning Accelerator template and simply plug in your content to a tried-and-tested structure. This means you can produce high-quality corporate elearning four times faster without risking quality! 

Scaling up of production


GoMo is based in the cloud so multiple people can log in to work on the same course. Permission settings are used to limit who can do what depending on whether they’re an administrator, editor or reviewer. 

Is GoMo good for translation? Well, one of GoMo’s main strengths is its multi-language option, meaning different language versions of the same course can be managed from the same place. 


Elucidat is also accessed via the cloud, so different authors can log in and work on courses at the same time. 

If you need to create several versions of a course – perhaps to tailor certain content to specific audience groups or offer versions in different languages – Elucidat’s variation manager has got your back. You can create one master version of your course with your tailored versions sitting underneath it. This means if you need to make a change across your whole suite of modules, just make the change at master level and it will automatically be applied across the board. 

The central asset library will come in handy for authors working at scale, too. It allows you to share assets across departments and, if you need to make any changes to an asset, you only need to do this in one place and it will update throughout your suite. 

See how Elucidat shapes up against other tools:

Want to find out more?

If you want to find out more about how Elucidat and GoMo compare, start a free trial of Elucidat to see what it can do. We’ll get you off to a great start with a tailored demo. 

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