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Enhance learning experiences

Man taking engaging elearning created in Elucidat
Impactful engaging content created with Elucidat

Boost learner engagement

Bring your training to life by using branching scenarios, powerful gamification tools, and accessible interactions that give your learners the power to make their own decisions.

Drive business impact

Create engaging content that makes a real business impact. Seamlessly track your learners’ progress with real-time data. Refine, adapt, and drive your employees toward peak performance.

Track progress of your courses and completion rates
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Add variety to your content

Breathe life into your training modules by breaking free from predictable content. Create varied and dynamic elearning, ensuring learners are left engaged and hungry for more.

Explore elearning examples

From training to amazing, withBenefit

Discover the secret behind Benefit’s increased learner engagement. See how they took the reins and transformed their learning experience for their employees.

Read Benefit’s story
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