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Simplify elearning translation

Two translated elearning courses using Elucidat's simplified translations
Create variations and localizations of the same course

Translation made simple

Elevate the learning experience for every learner, whatever their location. Instantly translate your courses into 75 languages and watch engagement skyrocket.

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Speed up and cut costs

Why pay more for translation agencies when you can achieve standout results yourself? With Elucidat, you can reduce translation costs, accelerate your processes, and save valuable time.

Translate content into any language
Auto translate translate courses into 75 languages

Seamless localization

Release various translated courses as a single SCORM file. Give your learners the freedom to select their preferred language from the start, and you the power to manage multiple variations at once.

Serving sub-brands in local languages atMaxMara

Dive into how MaxMara deliver multi-brand elearning for 10,000+ learners in their local language – all with an innovative flair and visual finesse.

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