A smarter way to manage the branding of your elearning projects [Elucidat product update]

Using clear and consistent branding across your elearning projects helps to build trust and offers a more memorable learning experience (and it’ll keep your marketing team happy!). So, we’ve made it quicker and easier to manage your brand style in Elucidat. Read on to learn more…

Brand import feature

Why branding matters for digital learning: It’s all about trust.

A strong brand has the ability to add major value to a business…and learning teams. As well as making your learning experiences more memorable, great branding helps to build loyalty and trust with your learners. Just think about brands such as Heineken and Coca-Cola, and you will undoubtedly create an instant connection to their logo and colour palette.

For a brand, consistency is key, and your elearning experiences should leverage the strength of your brand to make a real impact on your learners. Branding your experiences can do this by:

  • Ensuring professionalism and authenticity, which helps build loyalty in your learners
  • Proving that elearning is considered an important function, and is dedicated to supporting your learners
  • Displaying personality in your elearning, which improves your learner engagement

Introducing a smarter way to manage the branding of your elearning

Hot on the heels of our recent update to the Styles features in Elucidat, we’re excited to introduce Brand Import to support you in quickly personalising content for your different brands, or departments.

The Brand Import tool will help you to:

  • Effortlessly ensure brand compliance
  • Speed-up the creation of content
  • Quickly personalise content for sub-brands
  • Ensure consistency across your portfolio

How does it work?

Simply add the address of your marketing website or branded page into the Brand Importer, and it will automatically pull in available logos and colour schemes. You can then select a relevant font pairing, before saving and sharing with your account.

If you would prefer to not use the automated method, then select the manual option to start from scratch.

Different departments requiring different branding? No problem! Create as many as you need and make them available across different teams.

By using the Brand Import, you can become a branding expert in seconds and ensure compliance and consistency in your portfolio, as well as speed up the creation of content.

Just login in to Elucidat and go to ‘Get Started’ to create your new brand style!

For more information, please see our Help Center!