How to get your learners talking using social polling [Webinar]

Social polling has been a core feature of Elucidat from day dot because of it’s power to influence learning. In this 15 minute webinar recording, Joe Burns talks about how to build social polls in Elucidat.

social polling

Why social polling?

We care about the opinions of others and how their perspective compares, which is why social polling can have such an influence on learning. Social polling taps into our desire for acceptance and unexpected results are a great way to help shift opinions and encourage reflection.

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How to build social polls in Elucidat:

Watch this 15 minute explainer video to find out exactly how you can add social polling within Elucidat content to increase learner engagement.

2 social polling examples, built in Elucidat

The Waste Challenge

This short quiz elearning example uses social polling and custom page layouts to explore how much people know about the issues surrounding waste.

social polling example

Data Protection

This example uses real case studies, polling and scenarios to drive personal changes in daily data handling.

social polling data protection

Take a look at more elearning examples on our showcase page.

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