New xAPI/Tin Can mode

This month we’ve added a splendid new function that allows you to send information to an LRS using ‘xAPI’ or as it’s more commonly known ‘Tin Can’.

Using an LRS saves your learners from the hassle of logging in to an LMS. They will love it!

To find the new ‘Tin Can 1.0’ mode:

  1. Open your project.
  2. Press ‘Configure’.
  3. Press ‘Learner tracking’.
  4. From the ‘Tracking mode’ dropdown select ‘Tin can 1.0’.

You will now be presented with several options:

Tin Can options: Here you can define the Endpoint URL, Username and password (for more information on what to enter here see our tutorial on ‘How to use Elucidat with SCORM Cloud’ below.)

Learner access control: Here you can control security settings for your course (this only applies to courses built in ‘Tin Can’ mode). When using ‘Tin Can’ mode you will need to choose the ‘Identify setting’, this means your learner will be required to enter their email address and then follow a link that is sent to them (you can even specify the domain that is required for the address to be accepted, if you require SSO please get in touch).

Once you have all of your settings in place, release your course.

How to use Elucidat with SCORM Cloud

Create a SCORM Cloud account (

Log in to SCORM Cloud.

Click the ‘LRS’ tab on the left of the screen.

In the box that says ‘LRS endpoints’ you will see 4 URLs. Copy the first one.

Open your course in Elucidat.

Press ‘Configure’.

Press the ‘Learner tracking’ tab.

Now from the ‘Tracking mode’ dropdown select ‘Tin Can 1.0’.

Now in the box titled ‘LRS Endpoint URL’ insert the URL that you copied from SCORM cloud, at the end of the URL add ‘statements’.

Your URL should look similar to this:

Head back to SCORM Cloud.

In the box titled ‘Activity Providers’ copy the code displayed next to ‘Key’ open Elucidat and this into the ‘User’ box. Do the same for ‘Secret’ (also in the ‘Activity Providers’ section) but copy this into the ‘LRS password’ box and then press ‘Save changes’.

Press ‘Show details’ and in the ‘Authentication type’ dropdown choose ‘Basic auth’.

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