How Training And Content Providers Can Take Their Product To Market In Multiple Languages, In Minutes

If you’ve created online training that you want to take to a global market, how can you translate and localize the content without hefty processes and expenses? And how do you keep control of your product when you have hundreds of different versions?


You need a platform that helps you easily manage different versions of translated content. Elucidat’s Master course feature can help you do just that; create multi-language versions by simply switching out your translated file. In just a few clicks, you’ll have an online product you can take to global markets, fast. You can even brand each version differently. Once published, you can sit back and watch how the content performs in each location, via Analytics.

Why Training and Content Providers need to know about Elucidat translation and variations manager


When a company invests in a product, it needs to open it up to as many potential customers as possible, and get it out to market, quickly. The same goes for training and content providers.

If you’ve created a training module that has global sales potential, you can now tap into overseas markets quickly and easily with our smart way to create localized versions. Our Analytics feature then lets you monitor how the module performs in each location, and if you need to make any changes – globally or locally – you can do so, in seconds.

Is it really that simple to create translated versions?

Yes it is, as we shared in our recent translations article. You simply set up a Master course, then create multiple versions via Variations Manager: one for each language. Here’s a recap of the three steps.

Step one: Set up a version from your Master course


Step two: Export and translate the text


Within the project you then go to the Configure menu, select Translation and choose which file type you’d like to export.

Hand this file to your translation partners and they’ll populate it with the translated version.

Step three: Upload the translated file


You then simply upload the translated text file into your project, via the Translation tab again – and you’re done.

Publish and give the link to your overseas customers. They don’t even need an LMS!

What if we need to update the module?

If your company branding changes, you can update the look and feel of your module via Styles in the Master version and it will automatically update throughout all the related versions. This is the power of Variations Manager.


If legislation changes or you simply need to refresh your content, you can make global changes in one place, and the changes will filter through to all your localized versions.

Of course, if you need to translate any text changes, you can go through the above three-step process. Otherwise, just edit and republish via the Rapid Release function, and it will be updated within minutes, for all your customers.

What if clients want a tailored version?

You might find that a client wants their own company branding in the module. No problem. Simply apply their logos, brand colors, and fonts into Styles within their version of the project. Variations Manager isn’t limited to managing global changes; you can also make changes to just one version.

See how easy it is to switch between styles here:

The same goes for any localization requirements – different images, alternative case studies, or even the addition of an extra topic. Simply edit that specific version of the project, and republish. What you do in that version, stays in that version.

How can you monitor the use of the training in each location?

For training and content Providers, Elucidat Analytics shows you the insights you need to know about to  make the right business decisions. Quickly see insights from your dashboard:


Because you have the Master course set-up – your dashboard reports globally. You can see which countries are ranking high and low in their use of the training. You can also track the average time spent, what devices are being used and where users are dropping out of the module, if relevant.

This is a data gold mine for training and content Providers.

For example, imagine these two situations:

  • If a country is lagging behind: you can boost marketing and sales efforts in that market, undertake research with customers to find out why the module isn’t as popular, or even pull your efforts from that market altogether.
  • If a country is using the module like there’s no tomorrow: you know that’s a great market to launch other training products, and potentially a great source for customer success stories.
  • Improve poor performing content: you can track if elements of your content need improving – are users consistently getting an important question wrong? Take a look if more supporting content is needed, or a simple tweak of the question itself.

Next steps

Elucidat helps many training and content providers that need to create high quality content and push that content out to multi-language markets fast.

Variations Manager has been built to help customers deal with quality, speed and flexibility. This feature empowers teams to upload a translated text file and deliver content to overseas customers in minutes.

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Elucidat also offers a Masterclass topic that provides guidance, tips and tricks to elearning translation and localization.  Get in touch to find out more.

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