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If there’s one thing to say about Global luxury fashion brand, Max Mara, it’s that they set high standards when it comes to creativity and branding. And this also goes for their elearning. With Elucidat, they have an authoring tool that enables them to meet their mark. Delivering multi-brand elearning for 10,000+ learners in their own language – all with that innovative flair.

Beatrice Cocchi MaxMara

“Because Elucidat is easy to use and gives you the chance to develop your creativity, each member of the team is using Elucidat in their own way. Elucidat is helping to make our ideas a reality.”

Beatrice Cocchi Corporate HRM Learning Coordinator, Max Mara Fashion Group

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For one of the world’s most prestigious fashion houses, Italian-brand Max Mara, top quality output is a passion that runs deep. This goes for their clothing, where they specialize in beautiful, up-market, and ready-to-wear fashion. But it also goes for their internal training. Creativity and individuality count just as much in their elearning, as they do elsewhere.


Max Mara has over 2,500 stores in 105 countries, and since 2018 they have used Elucidat to deliver high-end, fully on-brand elearning. They strive for creative, modern, visually-appealing learning content but also encourage their team to inject individuality into their designs. Like their fashion brand, their designs never stand still.


Find out how they create multi-brand, multi-language elearning to 10,000+ learners all over the globe, including those accessing elearning on their mobiles.

Encouraging creativity and innovation


“I think that the proudest achievement I can talk about is the fact that every person on the team that works with Elucidat is completely autonomous.” – Beatrice Cocchi, Corporate HRM Learning Specialist, Max Mara


Beatrice believes having a creative elearning team around her is vital, but also the right tools that allow for exploration. When it comes to bringing new authors onboard, Beatrice shares inspirational elearning examples and templates they have created in Elucidat, and then gives them the freedom to run with their designs.


Elucidat’s ease of use helps Beatrice to onboard new authors quickly, but her top tip is to hire creative people. When you combine creativity with a platform that allows for innovation and personality, the results will shine.


“We are innovating. We are not running on the same path again and again.” 

Creating high quality microlearning


As a retail brand, creating short courses that are visually appealing, engaging and memorable is important for Max Mara. With a large proportion of employees working on the shop floor, creating mobile-friendly microlearning with clean and clear learning design is vital. So responsive and adaptive technologies like Elucidat count for a lot.


Imagery and videos are very much at the heart of Beatrice and her team’s designs. Using images and videos allows Max Mara’s employees to learn content efficiently – especially where the content is talking about products where they need to be seen to make sense.


“When you’re talking about retail and fashion, images tell a thousand words.” – Beatrice Cocchi

Reviewing their approach and learning content


And just like how the fashion world moves fast, Max Mara’s digital learning does too. Going even shorter, using even less words, and refining their mobile design approach further is top of the list for the future. They know this from gathering feedback from employees and stakeholders through regular surveys, plus keeping an eye on the trends (of course) for digital learning.


Quality checks also come from within, and with a vast amount of product-specific content being created, reviews from subject experts is a vital part of their process.


“The review mode for the SMEs is great, Elucidat has done a great job. A big achievement is that SMEs can add comments easily to help review learning content.” – Beatrice Cocchi

Serving their sub-brands, in local languages


To keep in line with their exquisite designs and clothing pieces, Max Mara creates beautiful and aesthetically appealing elearning. But since aesthetics is key to what they do, they also need to be able to deliver elearning to their 10 brands in their brand styling. This, Beatrice finds, is not a problem with the built-in re-styling option.


“It’s really easy to change the color, change the font. Use a template, duplicate and change.”- Beatrice Cocchi.


These variations are just part of the story, as the team then also translate their courses into 10 languages, meaning they are able to serve their global audience not only with the right visuals, but in their local language.

Max-imising quality, everywhere


Overall, Max Mara have found a way to live their brand values of creativity, innovation, and aesthetics, through their elearning production, to produce elegant learning solutions that meet the needs of employees in all their stores, around the world, in their language.


Quality is what counts most of all to this high-end fashion brand, and to Beatrice and her team, and quality is what they are creating.

In Summary


Using Elucidat, Max Mara have proven the case that you can achieve high-end, fully on-brand elearning, fit for fashion houses. Other learnings from this story?


  • Multi-brand: Using Elucidat’s Brand Style controls, Max Mara can output their elearning not only so it’s fully on-brand, but in multiple brand styles.
  • Multi-language: Serving their global audience in their native language is a given, through the easy in-built translation process
  • Engaging elearning: Max Mara achieve visually rich, modern, mobile-friendly elearning with Elucidat, and go for bespoke designs over templated approaches