Achievements and Learner badges

This month we’ve updated our ‘Achievements’ feature to help you incentivise your learners and further ‘Gamify’ your projects.

‘Achievements’ allow you to load an icon or picture (known as a ‘Badge’) that indicate that your learner has achieved a certain goal by reaching this page. ‘Achievements’ work very nicely with ‘Branching’.

Previously, ‘Achievements’ were only available for Developer types, but now we can all enjoy them!

To find the ‘Achievements’ feature, press ‘Page Settings’, then press ‘Achievements’.

At this point you have two options:

‘Choose a Badge to award when this page is completed’ – Here you can choose from previously uploaded Badge images or preset icons.

‘Or make a new Badge’ – Here you can choose your own image. Enter a name, select the image to upload and then press ‘Add badge’.

Achievements and Learner badges

…I chose to upload a Muffin to reward my learners, lucky!

Once you have completed the steps above, your achievement will have been set up for this page, but won’t be visible.

You will now want to add your image to appear somewhere in your project (this could be absolutely anywhere, a trophy cabinet style page, a hall of fame page, whatever you choose) this is done by inserting them into the text of the page.

Double click a text box or press the edit button to open the text editor:

Achievements and Learner badges

Click the ‘Badges’ button on the far right.

You will now be able to choose your ‘Badges’:

Achievements and Learner badges

Once clicked a code such as this will appear in text box: . When you enter preview the code will disappear and be replaced by your image.

Note: If your image is ‘Greyed out’ then this is because the particular page that the achievement has been set to has not been reached yet.

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