Adding funky scoring!

This week I thought I’d show you how to add funky scoring to your work!

This is a great way of giving your learner gamified feedback.

Rather than having a boring ‘You have achieved 100%’ you can display ‘You have received 30000 points!’

To begin with I built out my course structure using the Get Started wizard.

I built the course with three scored pages and 1 feedback page:

Adding funky scoring!

To begin with I added question and answer text to my Scored pages and set which of my answers was correct (if you are unfamiliar with how to do this see here).

I set the page to be scored by opening ‘Page settings’, choosing the ‘Scoring & completion’ tab and then choosing either ‘User submitting a score’ or ‘User submitting a CORRECT score’:

Adding funky scoring!

At the same time I set my ‘Score weighting’ for each page by looking at the ‘Score weighting’ section which is lower down in the ‘Scoring and completion’ tab.

I then added a number to this box, in this case I’m going to add ‘10000’ because I want my learner to earn 10000 points for every question they get correct:

Adding funky scoring!

This process needs to be repeated for each of my scored pages.

So at this point my project was all set up so that the score would calculate how I wanted, with a high score of 30000 points.

Next I need to set up my ‘Results’ page so that my learner can see their score.

To do this I entered the ‘Total score (number)’ clip (for more information on ‘Clips’ click here) into the text box on the right:

Adding funky scoring!

…this means that if my learner completes the course, the ‘Clip’ will automatically convert to the users score:

Adding funky scoring!

Give it a go and let me know how you get on, if you have any questions please get in touch!

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