Can Collaborative Technology Help You Manage Your Elearning Project Workflows?

To up the amount of elearning you produce, enable your team to be more responsive to needs, and trim project timescales, you’ll need to manage workflows smartly and streamline communications—especially if you’re working remotely.

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Collaborative tools can be an effective way to keep everyone on track. The key is to opt for a few essential tools that complement each other.

Project management and project planning

elearning project planning

Some fantastic collaborative project management tools are available. And, many of them are free—or at least free for small teams. Choose ones with shared calendars so you can schedule all your elearning projects and assign ownership of projects and sub-tasks to team members. This will help ensure that communication will be easy and visible for all the people working on those projects.

Here are some popular project management tools to consider:

Individual elearning project creation

Opt for an elearning authoring tool that enables your team to plan content, create, communicate, assign tasks, and edit directly. This will help you maintain a higher level of project management, so you can avoid email trails and documentation issues.

When you put your content communications inside the tool, you’re designing and editing in context without project ‘blind spots’ that can lead to communication loopholes. And, of course, you can then publish what you’ve created to multiple devices, at once.

Using authoring tools in this way can decrease production by up to 75%.

Catch ups and more in-depth conversations

When you need to talk, keep it focused, and avoid travel time, try one of the many available virtual chat or video chat tools, such as Skype, Appear.In, Google Hangouts, and Facetime.

Final thought: Become ‘agile’

Creating an empowered, action-focused team that is more responsive to needs may require you to implement a more Agile project management approach. You may find our article, ADDIE vs. AGILE” useful.

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Steve Penfold

Steve Penfold

Steve Penfold is the Chief Executive of Elucidat. He helps large companies and training providers speed up and simplify their elearning authoring.
Steve Penfold
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