Customer Spotlight: Integrity, Inc Uses Elucidat To Reduce Training Costs By $60,000

Integrity, Inc. were looking for a way to reduce operational costs and move away from paper-based training. We spoke with Integrity’s Associate of Learning, Susie Walton, to learn how Elucidat has helped her meet these business objectives.


Integrity Inc. is a nonprofit organization that provides community-based services for adults and children with developmental disabilities. The company has over 525 staff across the Central Arkansas area.

A paper avalanche and mounting costs

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As a nonprofit, Integrity Inc. is always looking for ways to cut operating costs and put more budget towards helping their clients.

So when Susie Walton, Integrity’s Associate of Learning, started looking at their bottom line and labor costs, she knew there had to be a more efficient way to train their staff.

“We were spending more than necessary resources on both labor and materials to provide over 12 hours of training for our workforce of 500,” Susie recalls. “We had a person whose full-time job was running around trying to deliver that training. It cost a ton just to reach out.”

Motivating the staff to turn in their training was another tedious task – but even when employees did their part, the work for Susie’s team was only beginning.

“We had to input it all manually into our computers,” she explains. “Things would get lost; people wouldn’t know where to send anything. It was extremely manual and bang-your-head frustrating.”

But while lowering costs were Susie’s first priority, she also saw an opportunity to make learning easier – and more intuitive – for Integrity’s diverse staff.

“The literacy rate in Arkansas is low, and some of our best team members struggle with the written word,” Susie explains. “We needed a way to add audio or video to help them retain their training  – which would mean better care for our clients.”

With a better training solution, Integrity had a real opportunity to reduce costs and improve client care. All they needed was the right platform.

“We were spending more than necessary resources on both labor and materials to provide over 12 hours of training for our work force of 500. These monies could be allocated to provide direct care to our clients.”


  • Needed to reduce operational costs
  • Paper-based training program costly and tedious to maintain
  • Learners not implementing their training
  • Need for interactive training to cater to staff’s varying literacy rates

A faster, easier way to create and share media-rich training


When Susie was referred to Elucidat, she was attracted to how easy the platform made it to add learning material from the company’s existing Powerpoint slides to their lessons – then add audio and embed videos on the fly.

“Those features were perfect for the different learning styles of our team,” Adds Susie. “I also liked how we could control an employee’s advancement through the training and ensure they were getting more opportunities to learn and retain the information.”

Susie admits that she was intimidated at the idea of going digital on her own and was grateful to have Elucidat’s support team available at the push of a button.

“Joe Burns (Elucidat support rep) became my best friend,” laughs Susie. “He was so responsive. I’d explain what I wanted to do, and he showed me how.”

In short order, Susie was able to transition all of the company’s old training programs onto the new platform and make ongoing updates quickly and without any outside help.

“I was surprised at how quickly I was able to grasp it, turn around and pump out training on my own,” Susie explains. “Now, I can create an entire training course in a day with slides, audio and embedded test questions – something that used to take me a week.”

Once her training is ready to go, distributing it is as easy as sending an email.

“I made contact with all of our 525 geographically scattered staff and had them in the system within a 30-day period,” smiles Susie. “That’s crazy to think about.”

“I made contact with all of our 525 geographically scattered staff and had them in the system within a 30-day period.”


  • Converted all training to media-rich, digital format
  • Easy-to-use authoring platform reduced production time by 500%
  • Added audio and video to training to assist staff with different learning styles

Stronger training, a happier workforce and better client care


Shortly after implementing Elucidat, Susie says it was very clear that the platform was the exactly the cost-saving solution they needed.

“Across the board, it’s been a huge cost saver for us. We were able to reduce our training costs by $60,000. That’s equivalent to hiring a full-time employee,” Susie explains. “We instantly put those savings back into client care.”

From Susie’s standpoint, every part of their training program has gotten better, faster and more intuitive since the switch.

“We’ve improved our training efficiency by at least 95%,” Susie beams. “We don’t use up those print materials, there’s no manual entry, and our secretary isn’t having to chase people to get their training.”

Where it used to be a battle to get employees to complete their training, employees are now excited about taking responsibility for their own learning.

“Our people keep telling us how much better it is,” she explains. “They report that for the first time, they’re finding the training engaging and informative.”

But the most important result Susie has seen is a marked increase in staff who are actively using their training to improve the ways they care for clients.

“Our clients are saying their staff are implementing what they learned, especially in our Personal Care Assistant program,” Susie explains, “and because we’re providing care to people, having engaged employees is priceless.”

“We were able to reduce our training costs by $60,000 – equivalent to hiring a full-time employee.”


  • 95% improvement in training efficiency
  • $60,000+ in savings
  • Over 500 staff integrated in less than 30 days
  • Clients report improved staff competence and care

How much time, effort and budget can your organization save with Elucidat?

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