Delegation Skills demo: Excellent example of a personalized learning experience

Elucidat’s bite-sized Delegation Skills demo provides a personalized learning experience for new managers, bringing together personal reflection with targeted action plans. Taken alone or as part of a wider suite of management training micro-bites, find out why we like this smartly designed demo.

Why managers need personalized support

Leadership and management training is a fantastic opportunity to make a real change in your organization. After all, by investing in managers, you’re investing in their teams too. And, they’re great projects to work on; the content is interesting as well as useful, the learners are often self-motivated and they have immediate opportunities to apply what they learn. What could go wrong?

The problem comes from the fact that there’s no single “right” way to lead. Every manager in your organization is different, and you want your training to take that into account. Can elearning really deliver a personal experience?

Our Delegation Skills demo addresses this common conundrum, using diagnostic questions, branching and tailored action plans to create personalized learning for new managers.

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See it in action

Why we like it

  • Treats learners as individuals with an upfront diagnostic.
  • Great use of branching and clips to create a personalized action plan.
  • Gives learners an opportunity to put tailored techniques into practice in a real-life scenario.
  • Uses social polling to compare learners’ decisions with their peers’.
  • Striking use of full-screen video that captures attention right away.
  • Modern, web-style design created with layout designer.

Next step: Find out how to use clips to create personalized text.