Why FIVB chose Elucidat to create and update their volleyball courses

FIVB (International Volleyball Federation) was looking for a solution to help them turn their face-to-face training into high-quality online training. FIVB needed a cloud-based platform that made it easy for their team to create and update courses. Learn why they chose Elucidat.


FIVB is the governing body responsible for all forms of Volleyball. It is the largest sport federation in the world, with over 220 national federations falling under their umbrella.

They host some of the top volleyball competitions in the world including the FIVB Volleyball and Beach Volleyball World Championships, the FIVB Volleyball World League and FIVB Volleyball World Grand Prix.

“Elucidat is a perfect fit for us. It is user-friendly and makes it very easy for us to create elearning content. They also feature responsive design, which means our courses are available to view and access across all devices, that’s been huge for us.” – Sven Probst, Sports Development Department, FIVB

The Challenge


Paper Trails and Shipping Woes

With a membership encompassing over 220 national federations, the FIVB (International Volleyball Federation) is the largest sport federation in the world.

In addition to hosting some of the most competitive and respected tournaments in volleyball, the federation is also responsible for providing a variety of training courses to their members.

Though variety almost seems like an understatement.

The FIVB’s course offerings comprise all aspects of the sport, from rules and regulations, to form and technique. They offer courses dedicated to both athletes and coaches, whether their focus is indoor or beach volleyball.

With more federation members than FIFA, and future growth on the horizon, the FIVB’s paper-based training method was no longer cutting it.

Sven Probst, FIVB Sport Development Department, was tasked with leading the transition into elearning.

“As an international organization we offer courses for national federations and supply the material so that they can conduct a volleyball course in their country,” explains Sven. “We used to send a PDF file along with a paper manual. Our main goal in the last two years was to transform our courses from hard paper copies, to electronic training.”

In addition to the ever-rising printing and shipping costs, paper-based training made it near impossible to keep content, especially images, current.

If FIVB’s foray into elearning was to be successful, Sven knew finding the right partner and solution would be critical.

Between the number of courses the FIVB offered, and the amount of content contained within each course, the transition would be no small feat.

“Our courses have a lot of chapters, sub-chapters and modules,” Sven says. “Our coach’s course alone has over 400 pages of content.”

Sven needed a platform in which he could not only easily create large projects, but one that would just as easily allow him to update his content as needed.

The Solution


Customized Content and Cloud Based Service

The FIVB exercised due diligence in selecting an elearning platform, including considering a variety of partners. In the end, Elucidat’s cloud-based offering tool proved the perfect fit.

“With Elucidat we’ve been able to create traditional online elearning courses,” grins Sven. “Their cloud-based platform makes it easy for our members to access training in a variety of ways that are convenient to them.”

In addition to accessibility, Elucidat also checked Sven’s ease of use requirement.

“For us, Elucidat was a perfect fit,” Sven recalls. “We liked Elucidat immediate because they were user-friendly, and made it very easy for us to create elearning content. They also have responsive design, meaning our courses are available to view and access across all devices, that’s been huge for us.”

When Sven hit inevitable snags, Elucidat’s dedicated customer service team quickly helped him trouble-shoot his problems.

“Joe was really, really helpful and always available to solve any issues we had,” Sven smiles. “I really appreciated his collaboration and advice.”

Also huge for Sven was being able to update material quickly and easily, without incurring additional printing and shipping charges. This change has meant significant improvements for user engagement and satisfaction.

“It’s quite easy to update and maintain our content, to change text, video or audio; we’ve had no issues at all,” beams Sven. “Now I can update pictures or videos to keep them fresh and reflect our most recent events. For example, in our Beach Volleyball Course, we have pictures from the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. This summer we will replace them with pictures from the FIVB Beach Volleyball World Championships in Vienna.”

“Thanks to Elucidat, our content is no longer dated, it’s modern and exciting.”

Sven was so comfortable working in Elucidat, he quickly gained the confidence to experiment with Elucidat’s full range of features and functions, creating a fully customized layout for his projects.

“When we began creating courses in Elucidat we used one of their sample templates, which was great and easy to use,” explains Sven. “As we continued working in the program, we decided we wanted something more tailored to us, so we worked with Elucidat to create our own custom layout that fits in with precisely the message, brand and values we stand for.”

The Results

Decreased Costs with Increased Opportunity

In eighteen months, the FIVB has been able to transition their entire paper-based training collection to elearning with Elucidat’s help. This move has meant decreased costs for the FIVB and their member federations alike.

“We were successful in transforming our training materials, our entire education system, thanks to Elucidat,” Sven boasts. “The implementation of our online courses has allowed us to reduce our on-site course component duration from 12 days to five. Our printing and shipping costs have been drastically reduced or almost eliminated.”

Sven has also been impressed with the quality of the product created within Elucidat – and he’s not the only one. The FIVB has received overwhelmingly positive feedback since the elearning roll-out.

“We’ve had experience with other companies that have created courses far less attractive than what we’ve been able to create in Elucidat,” Sven says. “We presented our first course to the Coaching Commission. They were very impressed with the quality and the interaction it provided the student; it wasn’t boring to do this course. The national federations and users themselves also greatly prefer our new format.”

Sven is confident the initial results they’ve experienced are only the beginning. Thanks to Elucidat, the FIVB is now well equipped for future growth.

“We hope that in the future we will be able to reach more learners,” explains Sven. “We’d like to open these courses to the world and make the learning and training easy and accessible.”

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