Elearning example: “Ice and Sky”

“Man’s pressure on biodiversity has now become so extreme that in just two centuries we could annihilate as many species as over the course of several hundred million years of evolution.”

This and other emotional facts are beautifully presented in this education program. With a mix of quality photography, videography and animation and a documentary style narration, this programme really holds your interest. The Ice and Sky educational program, produced by Wild-Touch is a free resource, put together by experts in climate and environment issues and the teaching community. It’s engaging and easy to use.

Click here to visit “Ice and Sky” educational program

See the elearning in action

sky-ice-multi-white-back icesky-1 icesky-2 icesky-video icesky-share

Click here to visit “Ice and Sky” educational program

Why we like it

  • Has a simple interface.
  • Is a web-based responsive design with a mixture of clickable and scrolling navigation.
  • Has an easy-to-use menu structure.
  • Uses a mixture of presentation approaches to engage and hold interest, for example video, audio, narrated animation, music, text and photography.
  • Uses a case study and storytelling approach to present and compare evidence and events.
  • Content is well chunked, easy to follow and supported by additional downloadable content.
  • Uses an emotive and well-paced voice-over, that’s engaging and thought provoking.
  • Has an uncluttered interface helps focus attention on the content.

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