Introducing the 5C Framework: The smart way to design elearning

Introducing our 5C Framework – essential steps for digital learning success. We’ve paired our experience in supporting over 2 million learners with the expertise of our Professional Services team to provide you with a failsafe design framework that will help you create and deliver digital learning that works.

5C framework ADDIE alternative

A modern alternative to ADDIE

Over the last few years, we’ve been observing and supporting around 2,000 content creators within Elucidat. These digital learning projects range from in-house onboarding, compliance and product knowledge, to medical training, sports coaching, charity campaigns and many commercial products.

Our team of learning consultants has noticed a thing or two about what works and, dare we say it, what doesn’t. And of course, we’ve provided coaching, training and prototype design services to help many customers in the areas where they have gaps or need a boost.

Great digital learning needs more than a great tool.

We’re proud to provide a modern, collaborative authoring tool. But we know that great digital learning design needs more than this. Great digital learning requires thinking, planning and cultivation around the edges. That’s why we’ve developed our 5C framework, as a handy blueprint to successful design and a modern alternative to the ADDIE framework.


Capturing a little design thinking

If we were to bottle up the traits of successful Elucidat authors, we’d say those who start with an idea do much, much better. Those who prototype, test out, and cultivate their designs tend to get better results, and often get there quicker in the end than the content cul-de-sac option.

Where do you get an idea? Well, you first must find the right problem to fix, and this means looking to end users – as they make or break the success of your digital learning product – and stepping back to ask some questions.

Capturing your audience’s needs, contexts and views is what design thinking is all about, and it’s this mantra that forms the first step in our framework; it’s what we talk about when we provide coaching to customers.

design thinking wireframe

The 5Cs: A smarter, more agile way to design

Does process mean more time? We know that our customers need to hit the right quality and get there quickly. The 5C framework has been designed with this in mind.

Each stage isn’t meant to be something you spend weeks on or flog yourself over. Instead:

Find an hour.

Finding just one hour to pull back and ensure you’ve thought through the problem can save you time and potential woes later down the line.

Grabbing a few minutes to jot down some ideas or map out a sequence of pages means you can hit the ground running when you start building content. Equally, take a minute each day to check your data analytics once you’ve put something live. You’ll be able to stay informed of what’s working and what needs to be changed.

We’ll be sharing some free guides and templates over the coming weeks to help you follow each step, smartly.

Start today.

Learn more about the 5C Framework and our Professional Services.