5 Ways Our Professional Services Team Can Help You Achieve More With Elucidat

Elucidat’s professional services team hones the expertise of learning consultants who’ve been creating fantastic digital and blended content for more than ten years. Customers who want to do more with their designs can take advantage of the team via a range of services.


Consider leveraging our expertise to extend or upskill your team, and achieve more with Elucidat’s authoring platform.

Learn about the services we offer.

Here are five ways our team can help you.

1. Fast Track: Elucidat Onboarding


Got a team of authors raring to go with your digital learning project? Get your project done quicker and better with our Fast Track package. It provides authors with access to practical online guides and 3 hours of dedicated coaching time from one of our in-house learning experts. Our online guides can help you start and launch a project in Elucidat in just one or two hours. You can then use coaching time to lift, enhance and inspire your design approach.


  • Start authoring faster
  • Gain expert input/assurance
  • Apply coaching tips across other projects

What you get:

  • Quick and practical online guides to enable you to set up, create, collaborate, review and launch a project in one or two hours
  • Dedicated coaching time to brainstorm, review or QA a real project
  • Feedback and guidance to improve or change your design

2. Concept Creator Service

Keen to make your product relevant, or simply not sure where to start with your digital design? Our elearning experts can create a 10-minute interactive demo to show how your project can shine in Elucidat.

Every customer’s concept creation serves a unique purpose, from gaining buy-in from end users or managers to showing your team a practical design – or even learning how your project works as a microlearning, game or learning campaign. Whatever the goal, the Concept Creator service helps you evaluate your desired approach to elearning and kickstarts future initiatives.

This service is particularly useful for understanding Elucidat’s high end features to create learning content. You’ll learn how to use Polling, Personalization, Rules, Layout Designer and/or scenario-based approaches to creatively structure and modernize your content.


  • Benchmark an approach
  • Reuse content
  • Start authoring faster

What you get:

  • Dedicated input from a graphic and instructional designer
  • Samples to explore different approaches
  • Visual storyboards
  • Functional 10-minute demo gifted to your account, either with your existing theme or a standard one

This is particularly useful for getting a grip on how high end features of Elucidat can be used to create great learning experiences for your audience and content.

For example, learn how Polling, Personalization, Rules, Layout Designer, and/or scenario-based approaches can be creatively used to structure and modernize the look and usability of your content.

3. Branded Design Service


If you don’t have in-house graphic designer capability, time is of the essence or you want to get a fresh take on your in-house branding, this package will help you. Offering a practical leg-up for your project, this option uses our out-of-the-box theme builder to apply a graphic look and feel based on our standard list of templates.


  • Brand lockdown
  • Custom look and feel
  • Faster authoring
  • Consistency
  • Reduced QA

What you get:

  • Input from an experienced art director graphic designer
  • Samples to explore in the standard theme
  • Application of your brand(s) or other visual reference points

4. Review and Coach Service

Concept Stage

Got an idea for what kind of learning experience you’d like to create, but want some validation that it’s going in the right direction? Get a dedicated review and coaching tips from one of our learning experts. We’ll look at storyboards, mind maps or whatever you’ve created, then conduct an in-depth consultative conversation. We’ll offer feedback, ideas and inspirations that ensure you design effectively for your audience and the project outcomes.


  • Capture changes and improvements before “build” stage
  • Modernize and lift your digital approaches

What you get:

  • Dedicated discussion and feedback session with a consultant
  • List of changes or approaches to improve your design

Creation Stage

Need a fresh set of eyes on your Elucidat creation and content? Our experts will review 10 of your screens and provide detailed feedback on instruction design, flow, tone of voice, layouts (UX) and graphics.


  • Elucidat “Super User” input to enhance your output with the tool
  • Modernized digital approaches across the board
  • Feedback via built-in review tool

What you get:

  • Proposal of changes or actions to improve your content delivery
  • In-depth feedback via Elucidat’s built-in onscreen review tool
  • Guidance on how to further develop content using Elucidat

5. Plan for Success Service

Whether you’re new to online learning, switching tools, expanding your in-house elearning throughput or keen to push a digital strategy that will stay relevant for years, look to our team of experienced consultants to run a Plan for Success session with you and your team.

We’ll help get under the skin of what you’re aiming to do, why you’re doing it and what your learners may need and want. We’ll consider where you are now and your in-house capabilities and opportunities, then provide a practical roadmap to help you get where you need to be.

This service is particularly helpful if you’re looking to create or enhance commercial online training products.


  • Outside input, analysis and advice
  • Practical steps to help manage your team/approach

What you get:

  • Dedicated virtual or face-to-face workshop
  • Expert advice and suggested roadmap of steps to take

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